TMs and glossaries API tester   

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Connect Disconnect Search Segment Search Tu Search Tu Ext Search Term Add TU Add Term Delete TU Delete Term Count TUs Count Terms
Connect to the TMs and glossaries.  
Join TmGlo Connections (optional)   
Disconnect all the TMs and glossaries.  
Search a segment in the TM.  
Fuzzy Threshold (optional): Penalty Case (optional): Penalty Attribute (optional):
Timeout (optional): Penalty Tag (optional): Attribute1 (optional):
Untranslatable (optional): Penalty Non Literal (optional): Attribute2 (optional):
      Penalty Align (optional): Attribute3 (optional):
      Penalty MT (optional): Attribute4 (optional):
      Penalty Public (optional):      
      Penalty Private (optional):      
      Penalty MultiTrans (optional):      
Search a word or phrase in the Translation Memory.  
Search a word or phrase in the Translation Memory with Lucene-compatible format and with extended parameters.  
Page Offset (optional): Only Public TUs (optional): Attribute1 (optional):
Page Length (optional): Match Whole Words (optional): Attribute2 (optional):
Creation User (optional): Case Sensitive (optional): Attribute3 (optional):
TU Date (optional): Attribute4 (optional):
Search terms from a segment or search a simple term or phrase in the glossary.  
Add a Translation Unit to the available Translation Memories in write mode.  
Source: Target:
Force Attributes: Do not add duplicate (optional): Attribute1 (optional): TU Date (optional):
      User (optional): Attribute2 (optional):
            Attribute3 (optional):
            Attribute4 (optional):
Add a term to the available glossaries in write mode.  
Source: Target:
Comment (optional): F1 (optional): F2 (optional): F3 (optional): Do not add duplicate (optional):
Delete a Translation Unit in the given Translation Memory.  
TM Id:
TU Id:
Delete a terminology entry in the given glossary.  
Glo Id:
Term Id:
Count the number of Translation Units of all the TMs.  
Count the number of Terms of all the TMs.